Open Calls

NGI POINTER aims to find ambitious “NGI architects” to change the underlying fabric of the internet and the web, by supporting promising bottom-up projects that are able to build, on top of state-of-the-art research, scalable protocols and tools to assist in the practical transition or migration to new or updated technologies, whilst keeping European Values at the core.

All Open Calls are now closed.

NGI Pointer Second Open Call

The NGI Pointer Second Open Call for Internet Architects is now closed, you can discover the results and Summary Report, the Open Call Architects will be announced shortly, be the first to know by following and participating in the NGI Pointer Community.

NGI POINTER  #2 Open Call Summary 2021

Check the NGI Pointer Second Open Call Summary Report (Snapshot).

Discover the NGI Pointer Second Open Call for Internet Architects Infographic

Everything Starts With a Rock Solid Product Strategy

Who are we looking for

Individuals or established entities, with a great ambition of changing the Internet and Web with European Values at its core: Researchers, Activists, Open Source Specialists, Sackers, SW/HW developers.

User-Centric Design

Open Call benefits

The NGI POINTER Open Calls will grant internet architects solutions, between April 2020 and June 2021. Once selected, granted architects will enter into a 12-month support framework programme, across different installments that will be tailored to the beneficiaries’ needs.

Potential applicants should match with widely open 9 challenges/use-cases around the following areas defined in the NGI POINTER Work Programme: privacy-by-design; Internet at the Edge; Network optimization; Virtualization and isolation; Limitations in the TCP/IP protocol suite; eCommerce security; Autonomous Network operations and control; and Energy Efficiency.

The projects will receive an equity-free funding grant, up to 200.000 € per-project, involving at least 1 organisation or up to 50.000 € for a natural person.