Who are NGI Architects?

Historically, the inception of the Internet clearly has some key persons behind it. Internet Architects like Vint Cerf, Bob Khan and the inventor of the web Tim Berners-Lee made huge contributions. Technicians, researchers, funders, businesses and policymakers made it happen and scaled it up globally.

However, as the Internet grows in terms of complexity such as technology choices, actors, users and use cases, boundaries become blurred and activities hidden or implicit. Internet governance bodies, the Internet Architecture Board and the Internet Engineering Task Force create structure.

But it is the people that everyday evolve and change the Internet through official and unofficial channels, at the core of the architecture or through new applications and uses that are growing rapidly. These people are the NGI Architects.

Discover the NGI Architects.

 NGI Pointer has found their first set of NGI Architects. After the first Open Call NGI-Pointer received 159 applications of “internet talents” interested in joining a community of NGI Architects. After the evaluation of applications, 24 of those 159 “internet talents” have been invited to join NGI-Pointer as NGI Architects. 

Download the NGI Pointer Architects Booklet